Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Being Christian ….With Jesus
As “Christian” people we believe that God became a human being named Jesus Christ in order to repair our relationship with God. That relationship had been broken because of our unwillingness to trust in God’s love for us. Jesus fixes it.

That same lack of trust resulted in Jesus’ unjust execution. Three days later, God the Father raised Jesus from death and gave him life again. God the Father and Jesus have now sent the Holy Spirit.

Through Baptism the Holy Spirit washes away our sin (that which causes us to distrust God) and gives us the same new life that raised Jesus from the dead. Through Holy Communion the Holy Spirit regularly nourishes us so that we have faith and trust in God. It is the Holy Spirit who gives us the power we need to love God and to serve other people.

Being Lutheran
Lutherans are Christians who trace their heritage back to a Christian pastor and professor named Martin Luther, who lived in Germany from 1483 to 1546. Martin Luther led a movement to bring the Christian Church back to its roots in the Gospel. The Gospel is the “Good News” that Jesus has reestablished our relationship with God.

Lutheran immigrants from Germany and other parts of Europe came to the United States from the 1600s on into the late 1800s. Over the years various Lutheran groups formed and merged. Gethsemane belongs to the largest Lutheran group called the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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