The Organ

The organ at Gethsemane Lutheran Church was installed in 2013 and is based on a software product called Hauptwerk . At the time of this writing, it is one of the largest of its kind in existance in a public space.

The software runs on a high performance Personal Computer with 64GB of RAM which feeds 24 bit/48kSample digital audio information to a Motu 24io professional audio interface of 72 channels.

The speaker system contains 70 individual cabinets. 56 are Behringer 2031A studio monitors and the remaining 14 are M-Audio SBX-10 subwoofers.

We were fortunate to find a Wicks pipe organ console built in 1952 which needed a new home. It was refinished to match the oak pews and then the keyboards, drawknobs and coupler rocking tablets were replaced with new items. The console was also converted to operate via MIDI.

The sounds heard from this instrument are note-by-note recordings of every stop of a 92 stop pipe organ in a concert hall in Budapest, Hungary performed by a company called Inspired Acoustics. Follow the link to read an article regarding this installation.

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